Windhoek, Namibia
Guest Farm Khomas Highland
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Entrance to Guest Farm Khomas Highland
Pool with awning directly at the house
Here you can make yourself comfortable
Enjoy wonderful evenings on the terrace

Guest Farm Khomas Highland Namibia

This is where you come to rest!

You and your family are all to themselves. Without other guests! You will hardly find this special feature anywhere else. Our farm is ideal for self-travelers with their own vehicle. Bookable from 2 nights.

The Khomas Highlands are right in front of you. Enjoy your private retreat, the inviting pool for refreshment, the loungers for relaxing or the scenery on a hike.

Our Rooms

This is what awaits you on our farm

Private house with private pool! You have a spacious holiday home with a cozy sitting area, a huge kitchen area, 3 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a wind-protected terrace and a beautiful garden with a private pool. You can find even more information about your holiday home in this section.

The Khomas Highland Farm is perfect for your start to your Namibia holiday. Or for the completion of your trip. Or for your getaway if you have to do things in Windhoek. Check right here when the Khomas Highlands Farm is available at your desired time.

The Farm

Is ideal for self-travellers with their own vehicle and for Namibian returnees or locals. It is located 20 km north of Windhoek. From 2 nights you can have a good time here. Some guests stay for days, others stay here for weeks. And you?

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The Living Room

Make yourself comfortable in our living room. Here you have enough space to relax. The living room is the central room of the house. It has a comfortable seating area and is stylishly decorated.

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The bedrooms

There are 3 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. The upstairs bedroom has air conditioning and a balcony.

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The Kitchen

The kitchen is spacious and connected to the living room. It is the central place of the house where life takes place.

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Our Story

You Are Welcome!

Immerse yourself in the magic of Namibia. Enjoy your family holiday and/or the peace and the endless expanse. Escape from everyday life and the "hamster wheel". Namibia has many surprises in store for you. On a round trip you will experience unique landscapes, breathtaking wildlife and you will get to know different tribes. Enjoy your holiday in Namibia!

Because Namibia has also "enchanted" us, it has become our 2nd home. Since 2016, we have been committed to combating poverty and malnutrition and to promoting children's prospects. As part of a project trip through our foundation Zukunft Afrika e.V. (Link), we discovered this magnificent property. It felt like it was meant to be. We would like to share this fascination with you. The idyllic farm near the capital Windhoek, not far from the airport, captured our hearts in 2021. And maybe it will make your heart beat faster.


Experience Unique Moments

Excursion to Windhoek

After a trip to Windhoek, it is worth taking a gin tonic in the evening at sunset… or two. You will love the cozy sitting together in the orange/red light of the sunset.

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Woord market in Okahandja

Visit the timber market in Okahandja. There you will find unique wood carvings and other intricately designed works made of wood.

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Düsternbrook Guest Farm

If you are an animal fan, visit the Düsternbrook guest farm as a day guest. On a game drive, you'll see even more of the Khomas Highlands and may even come face to face with leopards.

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Our Projects

A country thrives on culture and people. One of our projects is located in the immediate vicinity. There, disabled children from the poorest backgrounds are supported. Maybe take a look there.

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Khomas Highland

For active hikers, we recommend the following starting points for hikes: Farmers Kitchen in Elisenheim or the nearby Düsternbrook Farm, which offers several trails. Our farm is 5 hectares in size, fenced and of course can also be discovered.

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Your Private Pool

If you love peace and seclusion, enjoy your private pool, mix your drink in your private lappa or simply relax with a book on the sun lounger.

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Tourist Map

Overview of All Important Places in the Surrounding Area

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